cool mikeIt is estimated that nearly 100,000 people audition for the very popular and ever growing singing competition, we all know as: American Idol. For those who of you desire to enter the event in your city. Imagine your spot in a line of 10,000+ other would be contenders. All of them on some level, believing that they have a chance to capture the highly “coveted title”. How well prepared do you think you’d need to be? I mean we’re talking about potentially getting the chance to show off your ‘singing goods’ to it’s millions of viewers, on live television. Is being fully prepared an understatement?

No doubt you’ll want to show exactly what you are capable of, while removing all doubts or insecurities that you might have had. Let’s face it, you showed up for one reason – to walk away with one of the precious Golden Tickets. But they’re not so easy to come by, at least when you consider the level of competition. This means learning and preparing yourself to be ready and confident during the audition to get the absolute best reception from the judges as possible.

Whether you are planning to enter American Idol or thinking about a singing career, it is recommended to seek out vocal training through a vocal coach or taking singing lessons.  Most, if not all professional singers work with vocal coaches.  There are very important fundamental skills required to improve your voice, such as learning how to talk(pronunciate words while singing), how to breathe, how to control your voice, and how to improve your skill level progressively. It is absolutely critical that you work to improve your vocal skills continuously.  Just remember, this is not the time to be cheap, you need to locate a good quality vocal coach that has a track record of success. Although there are some great alternatives for singing tips when just getting started.

Another tip to remember is to select your song months in advance and practice repeatedly.  Keep practicing until you know the words forwards, backwards and sideways. Someone could wake you up in the middle of the night and you’d be ready to sing it to them without skipping a beat. How many times have we seen those few contestants forgetting the words to their song, right in the middle of their performance?

Remember what you’re singing about. The theme or story you are trying to tell. This will also help you to remember the song with your emotions, which is very powerful. Really, you want to become comfortable with the flow of the song. Preparedness also means having a back up plan. Being ready in advance will provide you ample time to ensure that you can select a new song in the event that you have too many complications with your first song.

While we’re on the topic of song selection, it is a good idea to have at least two songs that you are prepared to sing on audition day.  Both of them must be rehearsed with the same level of commitment, not one song that you fully know, and one that you know a little. It may seem like twice the work, but in reality it’s more like securing your success from unforeseen obstacles. Obviously knowing two songs that you know fully will ensure you properly perform the second song at the same level as your first choice.  Occasionally it happens that circumstances warrant a contestant singing more than a single song, being prepared for this situation will ensure that you are prepared for Murphy’s Law.

It’s very important to pick a specific style that fits you. Not even the best professional singers we know are masters at all styles.  This is simply due to; it being far too complicated to master every musical form.  Just select a specific style of music that you are comfortable with and that’s within your vocal range.  Are you more accustomed to a folksy style of singing?  Perhaps you more of a Rocker.

By exploring new horizons, you might even discover that you have a knack for singing classical or even R&B. Try maintaining  a singing voice focused around the same genre as much as possible. Beginning with your tone, to your flow, right down to your song selection, you must create the entire package,ensuring that package sounds perfect. How you sing better, really depends on knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Along with confidence comes modesty.  How many of the contestants can swear that they are the American Idol in the auditions? The truly talented know just how stiff the competition is and understand that there’s always room for improvement, as they work towards achieving the prize.  Those who are merely walking around with a huge ego, could really be trying to hide the deep seated insecurity they silently suffer. Or perhaps their cocky attitude will find themselves as unfavorable to the judges, swiftly inviting their defeat.

If you truly believe that your singing is the best in the world, then all that is necessary to prove it is by singing with your heart and soul, rather trying to sway the judges that you are destined to be the next American Idol, or whatever audition you are pursuing. Oh and…Good Luck!

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